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We import direct from our global network of quality suppliers, so you get the best castors and wheels at the best prices, no matter what application you need them for. That’s our commitment to you.

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When it comes to castors and wheels, there are thousand of possible uses across a whole range of industries and locations, including warehouses, offices, schools, hospitals and even private homes. Tell us what you need to move, and we can recommend the perfect solution in terms of size, style, materials and performance.

Our castors and wheels can make almost anything mobile – from furniture to plant. Whether you’re manufacturing trolleys, transports, office chairs or railings, we can supply the perfect component to keep your product specs on track and provide quality solutions to your customers. We also sell access solutions (ladders) and mobility devices including upright trolleys, platform trolleys and pallet jacks, plus storage units (lockers and cabinets). We insist on the highest quality standards – when you buy from National Castors, you can order with confidence.

Wheel Castor Series

Our castors (or castor wheels) are grouped by series, depending on their intended use. They include rubber and polyprop wheels and are suitable for light applications (such as display stands), medium-duty applications (such as maintenance carts) and heavier applications.

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61 series
61 Series
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XX Series
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TH Series
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scaffold series
Scaffold Series
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Pallet Jacks & Wheel Series

Pallet jacks let people manipulate and move palletised loads that could not safely be moved otherwise, adding flexibility to your supply chain management operations. Our range of wheels include pneumatic wheels and options in solid rubber, super elastic and urethane. We also supply quality fixed housings and wheels for supermarket trolleys.

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GN Series
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Solid, Split & Super Elastic
Solid, Split &
Super Elastic Wheels
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TW Series
Urethane, Black Elastic Aluminium & Pneumatic Wheels
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22 series
Gate, Supermarket Trolleys & Wheelbarrow Wheels
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Ladder & Trolley Series

Safe, secure access solutions for working at height, and trolleys designed to make heavy or awkward loads much more portable. As with all our products, we insist on practical designs, quality materials and precise dimensions for easier loading, unloading and manoeuvring. Our trolley models are renowned for always delivering.

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Solid, Split & Super Elastic
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TW Series
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GN Series
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22 series
Platform & Upright Trolleys
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Lockers & Cabinets

Functional yet aesthetically pleasing secure storage and organisational solutions using robust materials and compact designs for optimum use of space in professional, medical and educational contexts. Our range of cabinets are ideal for storing and sorting parts and components in manufacturing situations.

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Solid, Split & Super Elastic
Single, Double & 4 Door Lockers
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TW Series
Filing Cabinet
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GN Series
Stationery Cabinet
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